You are currently viewing The Aquarian Full Moon is full of possibilities; a good time to boost your potential

Expect love, passion, drive and money to be at the forefront of the upcoming Full Moon – in all kinds of quirky ways. This Full Moon will align opposite Venus and Mars and, while the Moon will be in Aquarius and so will be particularly relevant for Aquarians and Leos, it will also be significant for Aries, Librans and Taureans.

For everyone, this Aquarian Full Moon is the catalyst and motivation to try something new in life; and to value and to cherish someone or a project in a new way; even if this purely manifests as an attitude or a perspective. A new, as-yet-unexperienced event will attract you over the next few days and a significant event could even occur, especially to do with love or money!

This is also a healing and spiritual time for many; the chance to deepen your understanding of your own abilities and to understand someone close better too. Dreams, intuition and even psychic abilities may become heightened at this time.

There will also be four planets retrograde (seemingly moving backwards from our point of view here on Earth) until mid-September, which could bring an atmosphere of nostalgia, or even a revisit to your past or the chance to review the past – and, if you feel this is the case for you, rest assured you will then get the chance to move forward again around, or before, September’s New Moon.

The Full Moon will be at 22°24’Aquarius at 12.30 GMT; 10.30pm AEST.

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