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February Is An Ideal Time To Float Some Of Your Ideas, But You Must Avoid Idealism

Sunday, February 3, 2019 12:00 AM
Planet — Astrologer & Psychic in Byron Bay, NSW
This is shaping up to be a sizzler of a month, so your best strategy is to get organised now! Luckily the Aquarian New Moon on the 5th will provide ample opportunity to float some of your ideas in the ‘real world’. If you consider some of your ideas are a little ‘out there’ or even downright bizarre, it’s important that you give them a test run if possible in February. Take your ideas and consider their true efficacy: that is, how can they work in real terms. You’ll get every opportunity in February to test some of your projects and ideas, and to see how you feel moving forward in practical terms. Just be mindful that you are doing a ‘test-run’, or your projects are liable to run away with you. February’s high-intensity celestial energy will help you with your various ventures, but if you’re not careful, you could end up in a flurry of activity that goes in ever-decreasing circles – leading you nowhere fast! So start planning now. Be prepared for a surprise around the 13th – and this could mean all kinds of

changes for you mid-month. If St Valentine’s Day is a day that means a lot to you, ensure you are open to change, but leave nothing to chance! ​With both Mercury and Neptune in dreamy Pisces for much of the month, and the Sun in Pisces from the 19th, this is an ideal month for creative and spiritual work. Once again, be aware that you could become easily distracted from your everyday concerns, and caught up in a world of activity – or even make-believe – so ensure you keep your feet on the ground. The Virgo supermoon on the 20th will spotlight where you might benefit from a change in routine to include a healthier approach to physical, mental and emotional health. Keep an eye on the reliability of information towards the end of February; you may discover that what seemed to be ‘true’ is in fact a subjective opinion, and you may need to re-consider some of your ideas and plans then. Be inspired, but always be prepared to reconsider and re-think plans if they’re simply not do-able right now.

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