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Rare Good Friday Full Moon: A Humanitarian Call To Action

Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:00 AM
Moon — Astrologer & Psychic in Byron Bay, NSW

Friday’s Libran Full Moon shines a light on the need for peace and balance in your life. This is a rare Full Moon; it is the second consecutive Libra Full Moon in a lunar month. (Generally there is just one Full Moon in each sign each year.) Some call this a Blue Moon and this depends on your definition of one month, be this a calendar month (in which case it is not a Blue Moon); or a lunar month (in which case it is!).
Much like the two different categorisations we give to the word ‘month’, the effect of this Full Moon will shine a light on the diversity of meaning and values: and on how these can be perceived differently by different people.
You may experience difficulties with meaning and understanding at this time, so the clearer you are with communications, the better for you.
This Full Moon could feature a breakthrough concerning what does, and doesn’t have top priority in your

life; about what is true, real, relevant, important, mind-expanding – as opposed to what has secondary importance, is a distraction or is even misleading and irrelevant.
What’s more, this Full Moon will spotlight events over which you have little or no control…So the question then becomes: how can you establish peace and calm if you have no control over events? This question is the same as the big existential question: how do you approach life when you have no control over death?
The answer is the same: you can ‘give in’ to prevailing trends and events and ‘give up’ with life, as you know death is inevitable, or you can inform yourself about how to establish peace and happiness, despite the apparent lack of these qualities in your life or in the world at large.
You may discover true pearls of wisdom at the moment; this is certainly an excellent time for meditation and visualisation; to gain insight into key events and people in your life; and to direct your attention to the common good; to the love you experience and the ability you have to be proactively involved in changing your life – and that of others – for the better.
There is also a humanitarian aspect in this Full Moon: it is a call to action. Ask where you could help other people more? Where you could limit conflict while still promoting strength and wisdom in peaceful ways? You may be surprised by the avenues that open when you do.