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The Weekend's Scorpio Full Moon Will Be Empowering; If You Let It

Friday, May 17, 2019 12:00 AM
Moon — Astrologer & Psychic in Byron Bay, NSW

A full moon acts as a punctuation mark in a phase of our lives. Events around this weekend’s full moon, which will be in the intense and charming sign of Scorpio, will ask that you draw on deep, even forgotten or intense energy and memories that demand expression. And, in the process, you will gain wisdom as a new chapter begins.
So, where you experience deep feelings such as deep happiness or deep hurt, it’s best to channel these into constructive, productive pursuits. If the feelings you express seem irrational or manifest as outbursts, avoid repressing them or they may arise as tempers and anger. Aim to manage strong or negative emotions through such means as meditation, yoga and physical movement.
Scorpio is a sexy sign, so this is a passionate time, too, especially for Scorpios, Taureans, Aquarians and Leos,

although all star signs will feel the intensity of this full moon.
Key information is likely to come to light at this time and a surprise may arise, especially for Taureans and Scorpios. Whether it’s painful or healing; informative or secretive; illuminating or the opposite, developments this weekend will be a part of a fresh cycle for you to carry forward in the best way you can.
This Scorpio full moon will make you aware of your own energy and power. What will you do with your might and power? However, you may realise how lacking in power you are. A power struggle may arise. Be aware that the way you handle it will determine several weeks to come and, if you’re Scorpio, it will determine several months to come.
This is the sign of rebirth: the symbol for Scorpio is not only the scorpion, but also the phoenix and the eagle. You can rise from the ashes of past circumstances during the Scorpio Full Moon. It’s your opportunity to discard what no longer serves your higher purpose; and to fly like an eagle whose wind beneath its wings is pure wisdom.
The Full Moon is in Scorpio at 7:11am on Sunday, May 19th AEST.