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Two Eclipses In January 2019 Will Kick-Start A New Chapter - Are You Ready?

Saturday, January 5, 2019 12:00 AM
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There will be two eclipses in January, and these could change your life immeasurably – that is, if you’re in the mood for change! If you tend to resist change and find change difficult, prepare to try to be more adaptable, as eclipses have a habit of prising you out of your comfort zone…
The partial solar eclipse in the early hours of Sunday morning on January 6th 2019 will be in Capricorn.

changes in your life. Cancerians born early July and, to a slightly lesser degree, Aries and Librans, may similarly be ready to make changes, while we will all be in a position to consider fresh ways to create more stability and security in our lives.
Added to the potency of the partial eclipse of the sun by the moon, the Earth is currently at its annular closest approach to the Sun in its elliptical orbit. This may add to a feeling of intensity; one physicist has jokingly named the annual perihelion ‘Supersun’, which I like…in deference to ‘Supermoon’.
And also coinciding with the partial solar eclipse on January 6th, will be the end of five-month Uranus retrograde phase, which will be music to the ears to anyone involved in technology (pretty much all of us), and especially to Aquarians and Leos, who may have found some areas of your life seemingly grinding to a halt in previous months…Prepare for things to move forward.
So January is a month to stride ahead with bold ideas. This partial solar eclipse on the 6th may dim the light partially in northern Asian countries in the very early hours of Sunday morning but once over, the effect on moods can be refreshing; you may even be brimming with new ideas…
I rarely make political comment, but this solar eclipse may mark an important few days and weeks in Australian policy, where public opinion may seemingly ‘eclipse’ some ideas of heads of state. As new policies are put in place, these could cement better relations, both for the people via State politics and for the country internationally – but only if there is a view towards stability as opposed to risk-taking in government policy.
The partial solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Alaska, China, Korea, Japan and Russia. There will not be another partial solar eclipse until 2022.