Byron Bay Astrologer & Psychic
Patsy Bennett

Patsy has over 20 years’ experience providing astrology consultations and psychic readings. Her horoscopes are published in over 65 newspapers and magazines throughout Australia and internationally.

Patsy Bennett — Astrologer & Psychic in Byron Bay, NSW
I had a reading with you three years ago and it was incredible and accurate. Many thanks, Sally
- October 2016
You blew me away Patsy - but then you always do. Thank you so much. - Jan, January 2019
My reading was amazing - I can't believe how accurate Patsy is - in all areas: palmistry, psychic, astrology and mediumship. - Angie, May 2018​
I am incredibly grateful for your heartfelt guidance, once again everything you said "felt right", just like reading your book. - Cheryl, August 2017.
The reading was so accurate it wasn't funny. Many thanks, Marty." - March 2017
I saw Patsy on 27 December 2014 and in my reading she mentioned that I (or we, my husband also saw her) would receive a phone call on 5th January that would make our decision to move more clear. Well it happened! My husband received a call regarding a job on the Gold Coast!!!! Thank you so much for your insight Patsy. Will definitely be recommending you and your amazing abilities to everyone. I'm sure we will be in contact again soon. Thanks again. Kind Regards, Jacqui." - January 2015
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Thank you so much for today. Loved meeting you and you were spot on! See you again next time I'm in Byron, Sarah. " - March 2016
Thank you Patsy. Through your gift I received a gift, Wendy." - April 2016


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