Thank you ABC Radio Brisbane for interviewing me about the so-called ’13th zodiac sign’ (on 5/February 2024); and for interviewing me about why we can’t simply assume that a particular year or month will be good for us, based simply on the year being the same as our Chinese sign, such as the Year of the Dragon; or if the month is the same as our zodiac sign (on 13/2/24), Patsy


I also spoke with David Prior on ABC Radio Overnights about my new book ‘Sun Sign Secrets‘ and gave predictions for the year 2022. Please see the Soundcloud link below. 

In 2021 I discussed the ’13th sun sign’ on Radio 3AW and the ‘Stars for 2020’ on Hit 104.7 FM Canberra. And, in September 2019 I discussed a planetary alignment in Virgo on Fraser Coast FM. 

Also on this page: An interview (October 2015) about my work and book ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon‘ for Radio Out There with author Barry Eaton. See the link with the ‘local’ symbol.

* Many thanks to Bay FM 99.9  where I presented a weekly round-up of the week’s astronomical and astrological phenomena during 2013.


Thank you again to Barry Eaton @radiooutthere for our chat about my take on sun signs and why I came to write my new book ‘Sun Sign Secrets’ about their relevance (which is huge!).