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Patsy Bennett is both a natural and a professionally trained psychic and medium with over 25 years’ experience working with clients as an astrologer and clairvoyant. She began reading palms and tarot at the age of 14 and has pursued an interest in all things metaphysical, including dream analysis, mediumship and oracle cards ever since.

Patsy is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, meaning she psychically sees, hears and senses the circumstances of her clients.

When you have a consultation with her in person she combines her clairvoyant skills with the tarot and her own Zodiac Moon Reading Cards. She also includes her mediumship skills in her readings, bringing clarity into your bigger picture direction and messages from Spirit.


‘Patsy is an amazing psychic and astrologer! I have had many readings over the years with Patsy and recommend her to friends. We all have had readings with incredibly accurate information and great insight into our charts as well. I highly recommend getting a reading for yourself or a gift for a friend. Thank you, Patsy.  (Nik, November 2023)

‘Patsy is an incredibly talented and informative psychic. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her, she was accurate, articulate and insightful the entire time during the reading and provided great guidance. I will be recommending Patsy to everyone. Thank you again Patsy. (VN, November 2022).

Patsy Bennett — Astrologer & Psychic in Byron Bay, NSW


Patsy’s psychic readings reflect her many years’ experience; she will get straight to the most important matters that are relevant to you now, helping you to gain insight into your best step forward. 

Patsy is a great believer in both fate and free will, so a reading with her will identify the apparent obstacles that may hold you back and will look at the best way to manage these, and to overcome them by way of your own free will and innate talents and abilities. She will help point you towards the best way forward over coming months.

When Patsy provides distance readings by email, phone or Zoom, she uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities to provide in-depth insight into your current circumstances, providing direction for you as you move forward. She also consults tarot and her own Zodiac Moon Reading Cards on your behalf.

Patsy’s readings are equally as accurate whether you consult with her in person or by distance. 

Patsy is also an experienced and skilled tarot reader and palm reader, having begun reading tarot and palms at the age of 14, and addresses specific questions compassionately and professionally.

Patsy’s psychic clairvoyant and mediumship readings begin at $125. For bookings, see the ‘Bookings’ tab below. This link will take you to 


Patsy Bennett — Astrologer & Psychic in Byron Bay, NSW


Astrology is an ancient navigational tool that helps us through our journey in life. You can see your astrological chart as a map. It contains the various paths you can choose to take. It shows which is the path of least resistance, which is the most fulfilling and which pitfalls to avoid. 

Patsy believes that success and fulfilment in life are as much about the choices we make as they are about the options available to us. Astrology facilitates informed decisions, helping you to take advantage of opportunities which may not come again.

Patsy Bennett has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years, helping countless people to gain insight into their best path forward. Her experience speaks volumes both about her integrity and the wisdom she has obtained over the years.

She shares her knowledge through consultations with her clients aiming to empower you and enrich your life.  

Patsy’s astrology consultations begin at $185. To make a booking, please see the ‘Bookings’ tab above on the same page. This link will take you to