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Astrology: Secrets Of The Moon

“Astrology: Secrets of the Moon” was published in October 2015. It was one of Patsy Bennett’s first major published works, bringing forward decades of research and predictions into a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in their own true path and purpose in life. 

Astrologer Melanie Reinhart describes this book as: ‘A clear and engaging book, full of useful material. I loved the ‘tips for parents’ too.’

Here is a summary of the book:

Astrology Secrets of the Moon is for anyone who wants to know how to fulfil their potential, why they’re here and what their unique, wonderful contribution to this extraordinary world is. It is for everyone who wants to discover their hidden talents and true gifts – and to make these gifts and talents
work for them.

We are all familiar with our sun signs, but in Secrets of the moon Patsy Bennett focuses on the new astrology and in particular, the fascinating study of the moon’s north nodes that when used in conjunction with your sun signs, can provide a detailed picture of your soul’s true path, your spiritual quest in life. This handy dip-in, dip-out book features in detail each of the moon’s north nodes or soul signs, which are the gateway to divine inspiration and show where in your life you can move along most efficiently and, ultimately, how to feel fulfilled.

Each north node is explained in great detail and has a list of approaches, talents, interests, challenges and potential pitfalls as well as an affirmation to help you focus on your special attributes. You will also be able to discover your most successful career paths and the most rewarding activities and approach to life you can take based on your unique astrological makeup. With the help of this book, you can be all you’ve ever wanted to be – and more.  Published by Rockpool Publishing.

Many thanks to Melanie Co for her recent feedback on the book: 

‘Hi, I met you at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Brisbane and I just wanted to touch base with you today and let you know how intuitive your writing is and how thankful I am for your Moon’s North Node writings, they have truly helped me to tune into my higher self. 

When I was discussing with my cousin today the depth of understanding I have started to gain and the intuition that I feel as a result of my meditative practice I felt inspired to message you and just to thank you for all the work you put into being a conduit and for your hard work in assisting others to access realms they had not perhaps previously even thought of. I hope you know you bring light into the world.

I am planning on getting your Zodiac Reading Cards next and hope very much to learn how to intuitively read tarot and oracle cards to help others obtain the healing that I have felt. Thank you, Melanie.’