Blog >The Aquarian Full Moon is full of possibilities; a good time to boost your potential 15 August 2019

Expect love, passion, drive and money to be at the forefront of the upcoming Full Moon – in all kinds of quirky ways. This Full Moon will align opposite Venus and Mars and, while the Moon will be in Aquarius and so will be particularly relevant for Aquarians and Leos, it will also be significant for Aries, Librans and Taureans.

For everyone, this Aquarian Full Moon is the catalyst and motivation to try something new in life; and to value and to cherish someone or a project in a new way; even if this purely manifests as an attitude or a perspective. A new, as-yet-unexperienced event will attract you over the next few days and a significant event could even occur, especially to do with love or money!

This is also a healing and spiritual time for many; the chance to deepen your understanding of your own abilities and to understand someone close better too. Dreams, intuition and even psychic abilities may become heightened at this time.

There will also be four planets retrograde (seemingly moving backwards from our point of view here on Earth) until mid-September, which could bring an atmosphere of nostalgia, or even a revisit to your past or the chance to review the past – and, if you feel this is the case for you, rest assured you will then get the chance to move forward again around, or before, September’s New Moon.

The Full Moon will be at 22°24’Aquarius at 12.30 GMT; 10.30pm AEST.

Friday, May 17, 2019 12:00 AM
Moon — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD

A full moon acts as a punctuation mark in a phase of our lives. Events around this weekend’s full moon, which will be in the intense and charming sign of Scorpio, will ask that you draw on deep, even forgotten or intense energy and memories that demand expression. And, in the process, you will gain wisdom as a new chapter begins.
So, where you experience deep feelings such as deep happiness or deep hurt, it’s best to channel these into constructive, productive pursuits. If the feelings you express seem irrational or manifest as outbursts, avoid repressing them or they may arise as tempers and

anger. Aim to manage strong or negative emotions through such means as meditation, yoga and physical movement.
Scorpio is a sexy sign, so this is a passionate time, too, especially for Scorpios, Taureans, Aquarians and Leos, although all star signs will feel the intensity of this full moon.
Key information is likely to come to light at this time and a surprise may arise, especially for Taureans and Scorpios. Whether it’s painful or healing; informative or secretive; illuminating or the opposite, developments this weekend will be a part of a fresh cycle for you to carry forward in the best way you can.
This Scorpio full moon will make you aware of your own energy and power. What will you do with your might and power? However, you may realise how lacking in power you are. A power struggle may arise. Be aware that the way you handle it will determine several weeks to come and, if you’re Scorpio, it will determine several months to come.
This is the sign of rebirth: the symbol for Scorpio is not only the scorpion, but also the phoenix and the eagle. You can rise from the ashes of past circumstances during the Scorpio Full Moon. It’s your opportunity to discard what no longer serves your higher purpose; and to fly like an eagle whose wind beneath its wings is pure wisdom.
The Full Moon is in Scorpio at 7:11am on Sunday, May 19th AEST.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 12:00 AM
Astrology Diary — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD
Blog > Rare Good Friday Full Moon: a humanitarian call to action
Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:00 AM
Moon — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD

Friday’s Libran Full Moon shines a light on the need for peace and balance in your life. This is a rare Full Moon; it is the second consecutive Libra Full Moon in a lunar month. (Generally there is just one Full Moon in each sign each year.) Some call this a Blue Moon and this depends on your definition of one month, be this a calendar month (in which case it is not a Blue Moon); or a lunar month (in which case it is!). Much like the two different categorisations we give to the word ‘month’, the effect of this Full Moon will shine a light on the diversity of meaning and values: and on how these can be perceived differently by different people.

You may experience difficulties with meaning and understanding at this time, so the clearer you are with communications, the better for you.
This Full Moon could feature a breakthrough concerning what does, and doesn’t have top priority in your life; about what is true, real, relevant, important, mind-expanding – as opposed to what has secondary importance, is a distraction or is even misleading and irrelevant.
What’s more, this Full Moon will spotlight events over which you have little or no control…So the question then becomes: how can you establish peace and calm if you have no control over events? This question is the same as the big existential question: how do you approach life when you have no control over death?
The answer is the same: you can ‘give in’ to prevailing trends and events and ‘give up’ with life, as you know death is inevitable, or you can inform yourself about how to establish peace and happiness, despite the apparent lack of these qualities in your life or in the world at large.
You may discover true pearls of wisdom at the moment; this is certainly an excellent time for meditation and visualisation; to gain insight into key events and people in your life; and to direct your attention to the common good; to the love you experience and the ability you have to be proactively involved in changing your life – and that of others – for the better.
There is also a humanitarian aspect in this Full Moon: it is a call to action. Ask where you could help other people more? Where you could limit conflict while still promoting strength and wisdom in peaceful ways? You may be surprised by the avenues that open when you do.

Blog >Some thoughts on predictions: how to work with your future…
Friday, March 29, 2019 12:00 AM
2019 — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD

The future – your future – is a malleable thing; it is not set in stone. You have free will, and that means you can make whichever decisions you choose. And depending on these, your life will proceed along many different avenues that are all open to you, should you so wish. For more thoughts on your future and your future predictions, click this link to view the pdf.

Blog > February is an ideal time to float some of your ideas, but you must avoid idealism
Sunday, February 3, 2019 12:00 AM
Planet — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD
This is shaping up to be a sizzler of a month, so your best strategy is to get organised now! Luckily the Aquarian New Moon on the 5th will provide ample opportunity to float some of your ideas in the ‘real world’. If you consider some of your ideas are a little ‘out there’ or even downright bizarre, it’s important that you give them a test run if possible in February. Take your ideas and consider their true efficacy: that is, how can they work in real terms. You’ll get every opportunity in February to test some of your projects and ideas, and to see how you feel moving forward

in practical terms. Just be mindful that you are doing a ‘test-run’, or your projects are liable to run away with you. February’s high-intensity celestial energy will help you with your various ventures, but if you’re not careful, you could end up in a flurry of activity that goes in ever-decreasing circles – leading you nowhere fast! So start planning now. Be prepared for a surprise around the 13th – and this could mean all kinds of changes for you mid-month. If St Valentine’s Day is a day that means a lot to you, ensure you are open to change, but leave nothing to chance! ​With both Mercury and Neptune in dreamy Pisces for much of the month, and the Sun in Pisces from the 19th, this is an ideal month for creative and spiritual work. Once again, be aware that you could become easily distracted from your everyday concerns, and caught up in a world of activity – or even make-believe – so ensure you keep your feet on the ground. The Virgo supermoon on the 20th will spotlight where you might benefit from a change in routine to include a healthier approach to physical, mental and emotional health. Keep an eye on the reliability of information towards the end of February; you may discover that what seemed to be ‘true’ is in fact a subjective opinion, and you may need to re-consider some of your ideas and plans then. Be inspired, but always be prepared to reconsider and re-think plans if they’re simply not do-able right now.

Blog >Two eclipses in January 2019 will kick-start a new chapter – are you ready?!

Saturday, January 5, 2019 12:00 AM
2019 — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD
There will be two eclipses in January, and these could change your life immeasurably – that is, if you’re in the mood for change! If you tend to resist change and find

change difficult, prepare to try to be more adaptable, as eclipses have a habit of prising you out of your comfort zone…
The partial solar eclipse in the early hours of Sunday morning on January 6th 2019 will be in Capricorn.
This eclipse marks a good time to make plans and to strategise over coming weeks. If it’s your birthday on Sunday, watch out for opportunities to make radical changes in your life. Cancerians born early July and, to a slightly lesser degree, Aries and Librans, may similarly be ready to make changes, while we will all be in a position to consider fresh ways to create more stability and security in our lives.
Added to the potency of the partial eclipse of the sun by the moon, the Earth is currently at its annular closest approach to the Sun in its elliptical orbit. This may add to a feeling of intensity; one physicist has jokingly named the annual perihelion ‘Supersun’, which I like…in deference to ‘Supermoon’.
And also coinciding with the partial solar eclipse on January 6th, will be the end of five-month Uranus retrograde phase, which will be music to the ears to anyone involved in technology (pretty much all of us), and especially to Aquarians and Leos, who may have found some areas of your life seemingly grinding to a halt in previous months…Prepare for things to move forward.
So January is a month to stride ahead with bold ideas. This partial solar eclipse on the 6th may dim the light partially in northern Asian countries in the very early hours of Sunday morning but once over, the effect on moods can be refreshing; you may even be brimming with new ideas…
I rarely make political comment, but this solar eclipse may mark an important few days and weeks in Australian policy, where public opinion may seemingly ‘eclipse’ some ideas of heads of state. As new policies are put in place, these could cement better relations, both for the people via State politics and for the country internationally – but only if there is a view towards stability as opposed to risk-taking in government policy.
The partial solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Alaska, China, Korea, Japan and Russia. There will not be another partial solar eclipse until 2022.

Blog > November is one of the most pivotal months this year: be ready to dream big!

Thursday, November 1, 2018 12:00 AM

Angel — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD

November has an important turning point: don’t miss it! The New Moon on November 8th is the most powerful all year. A key time to set intentions for up to two years ahead. Be positive, as the intentions you set now are likely to materialise. At the moment, you have the chance to dive into activities that will lead you to a deeper sense of fulfilment, so take them!
The Moon’s North Node steps into Cancer in the early hours of November 7th, signalling a considerable new quality to be aware of over the next eighteen months: the need to be conscious of the importance of your health: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The New Moon on the 8th will be accompanied by Jupiter’s entrance into the sign it rules, Sagittarius, making this the beginning of an optimistic cycle,

especially for fire signs, particularly Sagittarius.
As Jupiter will also align with (trine) the Moon’s North Node, this is a powerful New Moon in which to set intentions and make great headway forward over the coming year. Any contracts signed around this time promise well moving forward.
Mars enters the dreamy sign of Pisces on November 16th, and this will be conducive to creative work, meditation and spiritual endeavours. The upcoming few weeks may be a little dreamy, but if you find yourself prone to forgetfulness and vagueness, don’t be surprised, as Mercury will be retrograde until early December. Added to which, the Mars-Jupiter ‘square’ could make a mountain out of a molehill at this time.
The Gemini Full Moon on the 23rd will be opposite Mercury and Jupiter, which will augment the potency of this Full Moon; don’t be surprised if you experience this as the most intense Full Moon all year, especially if you’re prominent Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces in your birth chart!
All month, the forming grand cross between the Moon’s Nodes, Uranus and Venus will ask you to decide what you really desire in life, and how you’re going to go about attaining it. As usual, be careful what you wish for, as it’ll surely come true!

BlogGet busy: October will offer the chance to manifest your passions in your life!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 12:00 AM

Fireworks — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD

Expect fireworks in October; and these will be of the emotional variety! This is a power-packed month. If you’re spiritually minded, October will include the chance for a spiritual breakthrough – potentially through awakening to a deeper understanding of your own potential; and of the human condition in general.
This is a powerful month where you could manifestly move mountains and take great strides ahead, not only in your emotional life, but also work-wise. But you may also be prone to tempers, tantrums and ill-considered decisions – hence the

The Libran New Moon while Venus is retrograde on the 9th suggests you must stand firm in your convictions; you must be decisive; and you must be ready to move forward despite wishing things to remain the same or on an even keel. Largely because, right now, when change beckons, it will be because what you think is an ‘even keel’ is in fact a stale circumstance, and so the potential for change in this case will actually prod you along into living your life more fully. The key to progress is to inform yourself of all your options (not just some). You may find that, if you can’t get what you want, you will find a way at least to get what you need – to feel satisfied and happy. At the same time, a surprise that seems to take you off-course may in fact open doors. If your life seems disrupted, it is your reaction to these feelings that will dictate your progress. Rest assured, you can make great progress this month, but you must avoid conflict at all costs, especially between the 10th and 20th. The Full Moon on October 25th will align with spiritual awakener Uranus, adding to the potential for surprise, change and spiritual awakening. Expect considerable developments at this time, especially in your love life. You may experience a revelation. Be open and ready to adjust. Above all, during October, go with change rather than against it – with the conscious understanding that you have the power to direct your life the way you wish it to go. As a result, you will find that you’ll enjoy seeing changes take place; changes you’ve been trying to manifest throughout the year, and in October, you’ll see them gradually take effect.

Blog > Let your inner hero out in September; you’ll be glad you did!

Monday, September 3, 2018 12:00 AM
Catwoman — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD

The key in September is to be ready to embrace the new and the unexpected – and even the out of the ordinary. Be flexible, adaptable and ready to move forward with bright ideas – even if they challenge some of your beliefs. After the intensity of the last two months’ eclipse season, you’ll appreciate the sense that you are able to make headway in practical, steady terms in September. This month will be ideal for regrouping and reconfiguring your ideas and plans. What’s more, there is no doubt that hard work will pay off and that you’ll feel increasingly dynamic throughout the month. Ensure you maintain a sense of perspective and keep an eye on your goals. A beautiful alignment just after the Virgo New Moon on September 10th promises to add direction and focus in your life; and there may even be a little sprinkle of luck in the mix for you. The New Moon itself may spotlight the need to focus more on practicalities and to decide which duties in your life resonate; and which no longer motivate you or provide a sense of purpose. On the 11th, Mars will sail into Aquarius, and may well introduce you to fresh circumstances. For some, though, events in September will enable you to pick up a project or idea you hatched earlier this year in May. Be innovative and shine, as you could make great headway in your chosen field around the second week of September. Be ready to be brave and bold, and avoid subscribing to outdated ideas that have outrun their usefulness or relevance. Towards September 18th, it will be important to channel strong energy levels into constructive pursuits, or the harsh angle between Mars and Uranus could lead to impulsive actions being born out of restlessness or dissatisfaction. Consider what – and who – you need, as opposed to what you want, or you may make hasty decisions that land you in hot water. The refreshing Aries Full Moon on September 25th should open new doors, especially for cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; and anyone with these signs prominent in your astrology chart. You may need to harness and express your inner hero; to be brave and dynamic. You may re-encounter a circumstance; meet an old friend; reacquaint yourself with certain parameters in your life in September. Be ready to shine; avoid sticking to a paradigm that has outlived its worth. Let your inner hero out. Patsy Bennett is the author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’; the Zodiac Reading Cards and the 2019 Astrology Diary, published by Rockpool Publishing.

Blog > Be ready to shine: you could make headway in August, but you must strategise

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 12:00 AM
Moon — Astrologer & Psychic in Reedy Creek, QLD

We are still in the eclipse season during most of August, so there will be ample opportunity to transform your life, should you so wish. However, you may also experience events more intensely than usual and so, with Mars retrograde until the end of August, it’s important to pace yourself to avoid fatigue.
Communications maestro Mercury will also be retrograde until August 19th. This will provide incentive to review some of the agreements you made earlier in the year and to instigate fresh protocols, strategies or ideas that could help you to progress. When Mercury is retrograde, it’s as well to exercise patience – which is not generally a virtue that is easy to muster while Mars is retrograde, so take things step by step.
All-in-all, there will be six planets retrograde between August 9th and 19th; a time when the final of the current series of three eclipses will take place; on the 11th. Pacing yourself will be absolutely crucial, especially during this second week in August, or you may find yourself in a whirl.
That said, you will see that many of your activities and duties will rely on you being both outgoing and dynamic. Be prepared to put yourself first assertively, but also to avoid conflict. Find the balance by being assertive and yet also finding the time for self-nurture and being supportive of others.
The partial solar eclipse on the 11th will be in Leo and it will align with Mercury and aspect Pluto by 150 degrees and Jupiter by almost 90 degrees. The upshot? If you feel eclipsed by a person or an event in August, avoid retaliating: take your time instead to learn new communication skills so that your ideas and opinions are heard; to manage power struggles and to find therapeutic and positive ways to move forward.
The third week in August should provide the opportunity to make progress and to see that in fact, you already have come a long way this year, so avoid giving up at the first hurdle in August, should one arise. Be ready to speak up; to be heard and to shine, and you could make true headway this month.
The partial solar eclipse will be visible from northern parts of the world and some western locations in Asia.
Astrology by Patsy Bennett, author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’; the Astrology Diaries and the Zodiac Reading Cards.

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