January 2020 astrology blog

This is going to be a full-throttle decade, so hang on to your hats! And early in January, the tone will be set: intense! Not only do we have the well-documented Saturn-Pluto conjunction during the weekend of the 11th, but the Sun and Mercury will also align with Saturn and Pluto; there will be an eclipse; Uranus will end a four-month long retrograde phase and also Jupiter the celestial tree-shaker will conjunct the Moon’s south Node, bringing key connections with your past to bear on the present. Loosely translated: if you have unresolved ‘stuff’ to sort through (and who doesn’t?!), be this financial or emotional in nature, rest assured, this will present itself for you to deal with in January, to clear the way for considerable change to occur this year by being ready to move forward and consign aspects of the past 10 years securely to the past.

If you have organised your plans well in advance, the weekend of the 11th-12th January and the entire month of January will be ideal to set them in motion. But if you have let things slide, this month, you will need to work hard at getting things back on track.

Expect change! For some, especially early January-born Capricorns, and early July-born Cancerians, this will be momentous. That is, unless you’re already in the throes of considerable change. In this case, the process is already underway; and there may be some twists and turns along your path as you progress.

All cardinal signs, including Capricorn – so Aries, Cancer and Libra are set for considerable developments, and in different areas of your life: so for Aries, changes will principally be at work and in your general interests and direction in life; for Librans, at home or via travel and contractual duties; for Cancerians in particular relationships and (depending on your date of birth), at work; and for Capricorns, principally in your personal life, although for some, a change of routine due to health or work matters will arise.

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