Your horoscope for 2021

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Good communication skills are the key to success in 2021 
as you’ll get the chance to express yourself and your values more at work and
in your personal life. However, your values and beliefs will change, so you’ll look for new ways
to express yourself – and you’ll be seen differently, too. Be brave: you may at first feel vulnerable
as you begin speaking more authoritatively.

2021 has many opportunities for you, but a key pitfall
would be unrealistic expectations and a tendency to overwork. Until July, you’ll
feel on-form health-wise, but later in the year you may be prone to low energy
levels, especially mid-July, late August, early October, mid-December. Avoid bottling
up emotions when those who love you would be happy to shoulder some of the




Change is going to affect many areas of your life –
from your personal life to work and even hobbies. You may feel at a crossroads
in the second half of the year, although February may already present you with
various options. If you rise to challenges and accept solid opportunities
you’ll feel more aligned with a sense of purpose than you have for many years.

You’re going to be busy re-inventing at least some
aspects of your life such as your activities, and so your nerves and general
disposition will merit careful focus so you avoid depleting your energy
reserves. You may be particularly prone to stretching yourself too far during
the last six months of the year, so aim to build a strong foundation and
routine in your health and wellbeing by then.



This year considerable change will revolve around shared areas of your life such as joint
duties, shared finances and even space at home and at work. You want more
freedom of movement, but also more security. The two may be mutually exclusive
and yet if anyone can make the two qualities work together, it’s you; you are
the zodiac’s most accomplished multi-tasker, after all!

You are going to be spending so much time on other
people’s concerns, issues, health and wellbeing, you must ensure you set aside
the time for your own, or you risk fraying those already restless Gemini
nerves. So much effort going into your career, status and general activities
could drain your energy unless you increase your resilience, especially in the
second half of the year. 



Uranus, the celestial game-changer will bring great opportunities for change in 2021,
especially in your activities including your career and home life, where people
will come and go – and perhaps you will too! Your focus on developing a deeper
understanding both of yourself and the world points to your wishing to travel
and to connect with people in new and meaningful ways. 

A great deal of your happiness and mental and spiritual
health comes from good relationships, and this year, you’ll benefit by
improving your relationship skills so you feel happier. A strong link with
travel, study and improving skillsets and knowledge will provide a sense of
growth, progress and mental wellbeing. November and December are particularly
favourable for boosting health.



The projects you already put in motion in 2020 will
develop well in 2021. As with every new venture, there will be teething
problems, and these will arise in the first two months of the year, mid-year
and again end of the year. Your level of success in between will depend on how
well you plan ahead and build a strong base. Consider your long-term goals, as
you could attain so much. 

You’ll gain the chance to create a more solid base for yourself and those you care for. You
will appreciate mental and spiritual stimulation and support, so surround
yourself with upbeat and positive people. January and the last quarter of the
year are ideal for making the most effective changes in your daily routine so
that you gain improved vitality and better health. 




Developments in your personal life will represent the major areas of change in 2021. Someone –
perhaps even you – may be ready to fly the coop. Changes in the way you live
your life will take your focus early on in 2021 as your everyday routine, your
work hours, your activities or your priorities change. You’ll be drawn to see
how alternative options could work in your life. 

You’ll be drawn to new and even radical ways to boost your health and appearance early in the
year. Just avoid hasty decisions. In the second half of the year, and
especially July and August, you’ll be drawn to a more relaxed lifestyle, and
this will benefit your health. The Virgo New Moon on September 7 will be an
excellent time to develop a fresh health and fitness routine; it’ll take.




Heed the call to adventure in 2021, or you risk sitting on your laurels and life becoming
lacklustre. You’ll be drawn to study; to learn new skills and to travel, and you
could boost your relationship and communication skills as a result. Your finances,
shared commitments and relationships such as marriage are in for change. Multi-tasking
and careful planning will be vital to overcome hurdles. 

The amount of change on the way in 2021 will take a
lot of your energy, so it’s vital to find ways to enjoy peace of mind,
relaxation and to build emotional resilience. The first half of the year will
provide adequate opportunities to boost your health, and you’ll be happy to
find sure-fire ways to increase energy levels and to sustain them through such
avenues as fitness and diet.



You’ll embrace large-scale change such as a move or a different lifestyle. Check that everyone
who is affected by your plans is on board. If not, there could be some tough
calls to make, not only by way of compromise, but also by way of separate paths
being taken in existing agreements and relationships if you cannot establish
common ground in a viable working model. 

The more you can boost your fitness – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically – the
better your year, as the year will feel like an obstacle course if you’re not in
peak fitness. April to July will be particularly busy or stressful. Aim to take
a break July or early August as you will appreciate it. Emotionally, November
could bring key developments, so be resilient. 



This year will be one to remember, and key change may already have begun in 2020 in your personal
life. Sagittarians born at the end of November or mid-December will be the most
impacted at work; and for some, with your health or that of someone close. Some
Sagittarians will experience key developments with a significant relationship,

so be prepared to negotiate and be adaptable.
The months of January, June and July are the most
effective times to focus on your health and wellbeing, and to put a solid
framework for good health in place. With Uranus very strong in your 6th
house of health, there will be unexpected developments that remind you how
important your health is. These are most likely in mid-February, mid-June and
towards Christmas. 




2021 will not have the intensity of 2020 for you personally, even if it still feels in January that
you have a mountain to climb. You’ll gain the opportunity to change your daily
life, work and health schedules so that they suit you better – and without the
extreme drama of 2020. You’ll gain wisdom and knowledge through life’s events
and experiences, and you may wish to study formally too. 

January is an excellent start to the year as you’ll gain the chance to boost your looks,
health and relationships. The eclipses on June 10 and December 4 will be across
your health zone, so it’s vital you take time out to feed your mind, body and
soul. How do you nurture your soul? By being kind not only to others, but also
to yourself; by generosity of spirit and accepting you are not perfect!



You have never been afraid of change and are one of the most spontaneous and fun-loving zodiac
signs and yet, as a ‘fixed’ sign, you can tend to avoid change more so than
most other signs when you’re faced with long-term change. This can cause
restlessness and melancholy. For best results, consider how to best manage the
deep changes of 2020 and the way these will impact you in 2021. 

To ensure you walk seamlessly through the year, it’s
vital to have stress-busting techniques at hand during tense periods such as
mid-year and towards Christmas. Winter will be your most proactive time to find
ways to feel more vibrant and alive; but if you have a bad habit you have been
combatting for some time, May and June could bring destructive habits back
unless you’re careful.



This year could be an empowering one, especially during
the second half of the year. The key to self-empowerment will be to manage your
connections with others well because as a result you’ll feel more aligned with
your purpose and gain a sense of belonging. You’ll find ways in 2021 to feel more
a part of your community and you’ll enjoy the feelings of fulfilment that come
from this.

This is an excellent year to research your own interests
and to find time to partake in projects and activities that provide you with a
sense of meaning and purpose. This will increase your happiness. In February
and March; and then in the second half of the year, ensure you avoid over-work
and over-extending yourself as you will risk fatigue. Focus instead on good
health and wellbeing. 

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