Your June astrology blog

Solar eclipse Matt Nelson

As we enter another eclipse season – this time it’s a series of three eclipses – it’s a good time to be flexible and to embrace something new in your life. It’s an ideal time to research new options and to be realistic about what is no longer working in your life and how
you could move ahead more efficiently and happily.

Eclipses can represent radical change. This month, if it’s your birthday on or around June 6, June 21 or December 7 or December 21, you may find changes will be super-relevant, especially in your personal life, work or health. But for many of us, there will be changes occurring in the bigger picture politically and socially. Ensure you pace yourself if you find your life is particularly stressful this winter.

The first eclipse, a partial lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 6th will spotlight adventure, study and research. Ask yourself how you could broaden your horizons and move into territory that is both exciting and offers increased opportunities. But, as with any new venture, ensure you have all the right information before
committing to something that will be far-reaching.

As there is a level of vulnerability that invariably arises when we put ourselves out on a limb, be open to exploring your emotions, and also be prepared to find ways to boost your health and wellbeing in all areas: physically, mentally, spiritually and

Mercury will be retrograde from June 18 to July 12, so try to get important paperwork wrapped up before mid-June for
best results. You will gain the chance to review your decisions during the retrograde period, but then so will other people, and things could get
super-changeable then unless you’re already sure of your path. If you’d like to make a watertight agreement, try to get things signed before mid-June!

During this month it’s important to keep your mind on your goals or you may be easily distracted. Be practical, or
mistakes could proliferate now.

The winter solstice on the 21st will be accompanied by an annular solar eclipse in Cancer, which will highlight
domestic work and duties. Keep in mind that decisions made now could have long-term repercussions, so research is crucial. In uncertain times, especially
from mid-June until the solstice, decisions may be difficult to make, so if in doubt, you may need to defer some of your plans.

The Mercury retrograde phase will be ideal for personal development, art, creativity and developing a deeper link
with loved ones. Once Mars enters Aries at the end of June, a more action-orientated phase will begin, although this may be slightly frustrating
due to new circumstances or delays. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at the end of June will spotlight how you truly feel about your circumstances and could
precipitate considerable change as intense emotions or developments will dictate how you will proceed into July. Photo: Matt Nelson

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