Your March astrology blog

Moon at it's fullest. I took this picture (the moon part) a few minutes before the lunar eclipse of feb. 20, 2008.

The big news is that Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will align later this month, signalling the chance to make dynamic change if you wish. You will, at the least, gain the chance to push forward new, innovative ideas and projects. You are likely to be drawn to new territory and new ideas could flourish, especially at work. 

First though, at the start of the month, Mercury will be retrograde until the 10th, and this will enable you to review your grand plans and to go over old ground if need be with projects so you are in a stronger position moving forwards.

The second big news this month will be the full moon supermoon in Virgo on March 10th. This will magnify your wishes. So if you wish to alter your daily routine; to improve your health and wellbeing (or that of someone close) or to change your work circumstances, this will be a good month to work proactively towards your goals. You will be enticed to be adventurous, but must also keep an eye on realities and practicalities. Avoid making assumptions and ensure you base all your decisions on facts not expectations.

Once the sun enters Aries on March 20th, you will gain a sense that new projects will move forwards and that projects you have had on the drawing board could move to the next stage – or else that they must be radically re-thought.
The New Moon on March 24th will be in Aries, and will be an ideal time to be innovative, especially regarding health and wellbeing. The end of March may signal a turning point, so keep an eye on developments at this time; they will spotlight the way key circumstances are likely to develop for the remainder of the year. 
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