Your May astrology blog


Prepare for considerable changes in May, as three planets – Saturn, Venus and Jupiter – turn retrograde within a few days of each other mid-month to join Pluto, which turned retrograde at the end of April. And two inner planets, Mercury and Mars will change signs – to Gemini and Pisces respectively at the same time. 

The big question: will this mean we will be able to relax lockdown laws and return to earlier circumstances, pre-Covid? The answer is: Yes and No!

As the Moon’s North Node steps into Gemini on May 5th, trade, commerce, money and business will demand focus, hence the push now already in countries rearing to get businesses up and running again.

But the question here has to be: at what cost? 

Some say they can’t wait for life to return to normal, even though both medical experts and business analysts already say that life will never be the same again post-Covid. On the other hand, some people say they would not want life to be the same as it was pre-Covid, as it was a greed-led and inhumane society at large….and then still others believe that the post-Covid era will birth a Utopian new world…

In May, there is no doubt that events will represent a radical shift from the way things have been over the last two months, but there is a chance we will collectively simply resume things as they were, without heed for those aspects of our lives that weren’t actually working well for us. And then there is always the risk that we go back to square one at a later date, and need to resume lockdown in some shape or form.

To put this in context: the main player astrologically in current circumstances is Pluto, the planet astrologers associate with great transformation. Pluto is also about detoxification; clearing and eliminating waste. There is a great deal of toxicity in the shape of pollution that has already been eliminated over the past few weeks. And of course we might see Covid itself as a toxin; one that needs to be eliminated.

Pluto is also the ruler of the ‘underworld’; of death; the ‘other side’; and life after death. This current astrological cycle is bringing death and our fragile mortality into sharp focus for us all. Intensive and collective grief counselling might be appropriate in many countries harder hit by Covid than Australia, and psychologically everyone is liable to absorb the grief-stricken nature of current times, even if Australia has not been as touched as others.

So I tend to side with those who now already say that things will never go back to normal. Where Pluto is involved, as it is now, the kind of transformation we undergo, both collectively and personally, is radical – and long-term.

What is your stance? Wherever you may be on the spectrum from ‘ I can’t wait for things to get back to normal’ to ‘let’s make a new world’, developments in May will open doors for everyone to reconsider where you wish your life to go in the long-term as we progress through this crisis.

So the upside is that this phase is everyone’s chance to take a good, long, hard look at your life, and to make the long-overdue changes you have been wishing to make for some time. It is an ideal time to eliminate the toxic aspects of your life, be this in the form of junk food; toxic relationships, bad habits and so forth. The process will take a long time; it will not be swift; that is the nature of Pluto.

During May, progress is likely to be slow and steady, and impulsive or snap decisions will backfire. It may be a case that we collectively in Australia and around the world take three steps forward and two steps back, and that unless change is managed carefully, by the end of May we may need to retrace our steps and go back almost to step one and lockdown. However, my sense is that we will step forward tentatively into resuming a less ‘lockdown’ life and step into a fresh framework, albeit involving infrastructure, such as schools, that are set up to teach; work places that are set up for work, and so we will to an extent resume our ‘normal’ lives.

Hopefully the retrograde planets signal the chance for each and every one of us to pick up the threads we dropped in March and earlier this year. Mercury in its own sign Gemini from May 12 will add to a sense of progress, increased socialising and room to move. This, combined with the Moon’s North Node in Gemini, will increase our focus collectively on the importance of work, commerce, trade, good communication skills and networking. This, combined with the intense presence of Pluto in all our charts, signals considerable change in all these areas: business (work), travel, communications, socialising and networking.

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