Your September astrology blog

Full Moon Patsy Bennett

September will be a pivotal month as we will learn just how far-reaching the changes we’ve undergone this year will be next year…
The close conjunction of Saturn with Pluto on September 29 will determine how 2021 is likely to proceed. So keep an eye out for developments then and in early-to-mid November, too. This applies more to world developments than to developments in your personal life, and of course the global pandemic is the first aspect of collective change that has affected us all this year, so expect to hear significant news towards the end of September, if not before.
Meanwhile, the current September Full Moon will help dispel any and many delusions we may all collectively be laboring under. For example, there is likely to be considerable news financially and in relation to health at this time in the news or in your own life. Talk of recession and the need to tighten our belts collectively is already in the news and more details about how this is likely to be played out during this month.
Mars has been rampaging through its own sign Aries for the past two months, increasing the speed at which change has been occurring. On September 10th, Mars will begin a lengthy retrograde phase. Keep an eye out then for news and developments in your own life that will motivate you to re-consider and re-think, especially how you go about your daily business. Are you fulfilled by your daily actions? If not, the next few months will be ideal for re-orientating your goals and therefore your actions so that they are more in line with your needs and desires.
Some may find September frustrating, especially if you are an Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, but if you tend to rise to challenges you will do so with your usual flair. The Sun in Virgo for most of the month provides the wherewithal to diligently work towards your goals.
The New Moon on September 17th will open the door to a fresh and productive phase, so take the first half of the month to plan where you wish a new door to open towards.  Aim for your dreams, but be practical too, as otherwise this month’s strong Neptunian theme (which is creative, but also potentially misleading and tricky), could trip you up. Above all, be inspired by your true purpose, hopes and dreams. That way, when you reach your goals, you will savour them, feel fulfilled and happy. Do not accept a partial ‘deal’, but be real too. This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s only when you rise above and beyond the opposites (ideals and reality) that you realise the perfection of choice, free will and the true sense of accomplishment that comes from them.
 NB: This is a general guide only to the month’s stars. For a more personal account, consider a consultation. For bookings and options, see the link here.