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The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of April 2022

We are currently collectively sailing through stormy seas and astrologically we are experiencing a strong focus on Neptune, the mighty outer planet named after the Roman God, who in turn was named after the Greek God Poseidon, the ruler of the seas, storms, earthquakes and horses. 

Astrologically, the planet Neptune also rules your subconscious …and it is currently aligning with Jupiter from our perspective on Earth.

When the planet Neptune is in the spotlight, all the aspects of terrestrial life associated with the planet are highlighted, in this case, the roman God Neptune ruled not only the sea, but also freshwater, and there has certainly been focus on the quality – or lack of it – of freshwater in recent times.

As I write, a stormy deluge is in progress in Australia on much of the eastern seaboard, and this is a good time to be mindful that, where rain and storms have been an issue in the past, Neptune and his domain – the Earth – will be prey to deluges, weather, storms and earthquakes for some time to come. Neptune in mythology took no prisoners and was known as wrathful.

A strong Neptunian flavour astrologically will put the focus on your subconscious. When you’re under stress, as is likely during stormy times, your worst traits can be more pronounced. A strong Neptunian influence can mean you are easily distracted, fidgety, escapist and even self-destructive. 

Be careful that your mind does not wander and avoid distractions. Also avoid making key decisions unless you have researched choices thoroughly and are convinced you are absolutely correct.

On a brighter note, the rescues and help that have come from many of the recent floods in our area in Australia, and the rescues of refugees from the seas who have been welcomed in other towns and countries around the world, bring to mind another quality associated with the planet Neptune astrologically: compassion and spiritual love.

Because on a lighter note, all is not bad news when Neptune is prevalent in the skies. Neptune is associated with inspiration, spirituality, the arts and romantic love. Neptune is seen astrologically as the higher vibration of Venus, the goddess of love. 

Neptune is also associated astrologically with telepathy and psychic abilities, as Neptune the God could communicate with sea creatures. 

So this is a time for great compassion and demonstration of love and kindness to one another. It is also a good time to develop your own higher mind and spirituality. Finding the opportunity to devote more time and effort towards compassion and kindness will result in considerable sense of fulfilment as these Neptunian qualities will flourish under a Neptunian transit.

It’s also an excellent time to pause and consider your true purpose at the moment, because there is no time like the present to consider what you wish to strive for in life, and then to take tracks down that path … 

During difficult times, we discover or strengths and full potential…And much of what we experience becomes the basis of our life decisions, so it’s important, during stormy times, to be mindful of your health, not only on a mental level, but also emotionally, spiritually and physically.

What do you see in this photo of the sea and sky and their reflection? Beauty, destruction, rain, storms or something completely different? The reflection resembles a Rorschach test, where ink blots are used as a focus to provide insight into your subconscious state of mind… what do you see when you first look at this rainy photo? It may provide insight into what you’re best to do next.




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